Dirty Weekend (Metart) 2016 Naomi Nevena Sophia Laure, Lingerie, Garters

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Who is able to resist such temptation? Two lesbian partners using a history that is common let their common interest boil over in the powerful Dirty Weekend of Alic Locanta. Her hot French girl friend Sophia Laure and Violette Pink arrive to pay the week end with Naomi Nevena and Talia Mint. But Naomi and Sophia employed to day, as she sees the obvious heat between them, and Talia becomes envious. Talia begins inquiring Naomi about her relationship with Sophia after as Naomi and Talia cleanup the kitchen; Naomi acknowledges Talia’s envy turns her on and they start to kiss. She kneels to eat her pussy and undresses Talia, rubbing and fingering her anxiously. Talia more breathless and gets louder as her bends and eats her; afterward the lap of Naomi straddles and rides her fingers into a finish. Talia catches a buttplug undresses Naomi down to her stockings and still it into the limited ass hole of Naomi. Naomi’s pussy is licked by her till she is moaning with pleasure, then pulls out the butt plug and fingers her butt to an extreme climax. Their relationship appears safe for now, but there’s the idea that problems might be brewing as Violette begins to masturbate in the bath. Violette Pink appears in the shower to discover her girl friend Sophia Laure unpacking for his or her weekend stay. Violette declares she’s worried that Sophia has feelings for her ex-husband but her assures that she’s nothing to be worried about. As Violette allows her towel autumn they kiss initially, but getting more enthusiastic. She strips down Sophia and straddles her grinding on on her behalf till both of them are extremely hot and then going to finger her pussy till she comes. She goes face down, bum up to probe her tightest hole seriously frigging her pussy in the exact same time. Sophia lies back when she is completely satiated and her encounter straddles, then lying back to get licked and fingered and driving her tongue. She turns over into Sophie and doggy rubs and spanks her finger bangs on her.


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